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Danny Kanell Says Charles Barkley Called To Wish Him Well After He Was Laid Off By ESPN

Danny Kanell was one of a few dozen ESPN employees laid off yesterday.

Of all of the people ESPN laid off on Wednesday, college football analyst/radio host Danny Kanell was one of the biggest names. Kanell had been with the network since 2010.

Judging by his Twitter feed, Kanell seems to still be processing the news, but today he shared a pretty cool story. Turns out, NBA legend and broadcaster Charles Barkley randomly called Kanell today to check on him and wish him well.

Here's what Kanell tweeted about the conversation.

Of course, Kanell couldn't resist taking a quick jab at the SEC when discussing his interaction with Barkley, an Auburn alum.

Props to Barkley for this gesture. Very considerate move on his part.

As for Kanell, he will surely land somewhere else. In the meantime, he seems appreciative of all the support he's gotten.