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Danry Vasquez, Woman In Disturbing Video Are Reportedly Engaged

Danry Vasquez hitting his girlfriend in a stairwell.

Danry Vasquez, the man allegedly shown in the disturbing domestic violence video that went viral Wednesday, is reportedly engaged to his girlfriend.

Wednesday, via an open records request, KRIS 6 in Corpus Christi, Texas, obtained a video of former Astros prospect Danry Vasquez allegedly assaulting his girlfriend in a stairwell at a minor league baseball stadium.

The footage, which is tough to watch, shows a man striking a woman at least three times.

Thursday, TMZ is reporting that Vasquez and the woman in the video did not break up - instead, they got engaged this past November.

In fact, Vasquez posted a photo in Oct. 2016 showing the two smiling together and described her as "the person who is always with me in the good and the not so good!"

"You are the love of my life and with you I will be until the end of the world princess!!!"

The two got engaged around Nov. 2017.

We're told the couple had been dating since they were teenagers and the GF was adamant that was "an isolated incident."

Here's footage of the incident, if you missed it. Warning - it's graphic.

Vasquez eventually agreed to a plea deal - paying a fine and taking classes.

Let's pray this truly was an "isolated incident."