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Darren Rovell Gets Blasted For Tweet About Dustin Johnson (Updated)

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The ESPN reporter is being criticized for what some say is an inaccurate tweet.

Dustin Johnson, the world's No. 1 golfer, won't be playing in The Masters. He suffered a lower-back injury while falling down the stairs at his rental home in Augusta, Ga. on Wednesday. Johnson tried to give it a go today, but walked off the first tee before hitting a shot.

The powerful golfer entered the tournament as the betting favorite so, naturally, a ton of money was placed on him at sportsbooks across the globe.

What's going to happen to all of that money?

ESPN's Darren Rovell says that most of it is lost as a wrong bet.

Countless sportsbooks have been tweeting that they'll be giving full refunds to anyone who bet on Johnson, because he never hit a shot in the tournament.

The Masters is being televised on ESPN. Update: An earlier version of this story said Rovell was dead wrong. He wasn't. While there are plenty of sportsbooks refunding money, there are also plenty who are not, including a lot of the big money placed in futures bets.

A lot of online sportsbooks continue to say they'll be giving refunds, though.

Update No. 2: ESPN published a story on the matter, basically saying the books are "split," which can be read here.