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Video: David Blaine Freaks Out Steph Curry, Drake And Dave Chappelle With Magic Trick

David Blaine freaks out Steph Curry with a magic trick.


Watch David Blaine terrify an entire crowd of people with his magic, including Steph Curry, Drake and Dave Chappelle.

Last night, ABC aired a new David Blaine special called Beyond Magic, and David Blaine, a real-life wizard from the likes of a Harry Potter book, did some more mind-boggling magic. People were freaked out.

This particular set of victims was comprised of a random assortment of celebrities, from basketball stars Steph Curry and Jimmy Butler, to rapper Drake and comedian Dave Chappelle. Watch the stunt unfold below:


The best part isn't even the trick itself—which consists of Blaine regurgitating frogs into champagne glasses—but rather the outrageous reactions from each person in the room when the setup comes to fruition. They all know something absurd is about to go down, but they're clueless as to how and when. Drake spends a good chunk of the time looking at the ceiling, apparently thinking frogs will come raining down, which actually seems fairly reasonable assumption in a David Blaine performance. I know I wouldn't have been surprised.