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David Pollack Thinks Notre Dame Is Unlike The Other College Football Playoff Teams

David Pollack and Todd McShay talk Notre Dame.

The ESPN analyst is down on Notre Dame's defense.

This past Tuesday, Georgia, Alabama, Notre Dame and Clemson were ranked 1-4 in the first College Football Playoff rankings of the 2017 season. ESPN analyst David Pollack thinks one of those teams looks a lot different than the others.

In short, Pollack thinks that three of the teams have elite defenses - Alabama, Georgia and Clemson. He is not as high on Notre Dame's defense. Here's what he had to say:

"Here's my difference when I look at these teams. Clemson can absolutely suffocate you defensively. Georgia can suffocate you defensively. Alabama can suffocate you defensively. All three of those teams that we just talked about can do that. And I will say that there are question marks about their offense. Kelly Bryant. Can he beat you consistently? Jalen Hurts. Can he beat you consistently? Jake Fromm. Can he beat you consistently?

Notre Dame still has that - they can run the ball, quarterback can beat you - but they're not as suffocating defensively. They're better. But they're not even close size-wise, personnel-wise, athleticism-wise as those other teams."

Here's video:

Remember now - Notre Dame and Georgia played earlier this season, and the Bulldogs escaped South Bend with a one-point victory. Only time will tell if Pollack's analysis is correct.