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Video: Daytona Beach, Speedway Getting Crushed By Floodwaters From Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew appears to be as advertised.

Hurricane Matthew is currently pounding the eastern coast of Florida - heading up towards Georgia and South Carolina. Photos and videos of the damage are starting to come in, and it won't surprise you to see that it's pretty extensive. Jacksonville appears to be the next major city that will get hammered.

Daytona, Florida, which is the home of NASCAR's Daytona Speedway, appears to have been hit very hard. Here are a few photos and videos - most show surging stormwaters and debris flying around the streets.

As noted earlier in the week, a number of sporting events have been moved or cancelled due to the storm. LSU vs. Florida has been postponed indefinitely with no makeup date announced. Georgia vs. South Carolina was moved from Saturday to Sunday. A number of non-'Power-5' games were affected as well.

It's unclear how much damage Daytona Speedway will sustain. We'll keep you updated.