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NBA Owner's Daughter Reacts To DeMarcus Cousins Signing With Golden State

Mallory Edens is an NBA team owner's daughter.

NBA fans, outside of the lucky ones who cheer for the Golden State Warriors, are not happy today. The reigning league champions have added an All-NBA center on a one year, $5 million contract. DeMarcus Cousins is heading to Golden State.

Will this actually end up being a big deal? Maybe not.

The Warriors were probably going to win it all next season regardless of what Cousins did. And the center is recovering from an Achilles tear; who knows if he's even going to be healthy.

Still, the optics are just bad. The fact that the reigning NBA champions were able to add an All-NBA big man on a one year deal for less than $6 million is ridiculous.

The daughter of an NBA owner seems to agree.

Mallory Edens, the daughter of the Milwaukee Bucks owner (who hopes to own an NBA team herself one day), took to Instagram to react to the news.

Edens posted the following on her Instagram Story:

mallory edens posts on instagram about demarcus cousins
Mallory Edens on Instagram.

Well said, Mallory.

The Warriors will be fun to watch, at least. A Curry-Thompson-Durant-Green-Cousins lineup is just absurd. Maybe the Lakers will be able to add Kawhi Leonard and we can watch LeBron and Kawhi try to beat the Monstars.