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Desmond Howard Had A Dumb Tweet After Oklahoma Beat Ohio State

Desmond Howard gives his take on ESPN.

We're not sure what Desmond Howard was trying to do here.

Desmond Howard, who won a Heisman Trophy at Michigan and is regarded as one of the best players in program history, is obviously a Wolverines homer - but he usually still does a good job walking the line between being a fan and being an analyst. His tweet after Oklahoma's victory over Ohio State has us shaking our heads, though.

Howard, after the Sooners' win, joked that Penn State fans would caution Oklahoma fans to temper expectations - because Ohio State is still going to get in over OU in the College Football Playoff field.

Check it out:

The tweet makes no sense.

In 2016, Penn State did defeat Ohio State - at home. But the Nittany Lions lost two games - they got crushed by Michigan and ousted in their rivalry game against Pitt.

Oklahoma, meanwhile, is 2-0 in a very young 2017 campaign.

If Oklahoma loses two games and Ohio State runs the table - guess what, the Buckeyes will get in and the Sooners won't. And it won't be controversial.

Yes, Ohio State laid an egg against Clemson in the College Football Playoff. But going into the contest, there weren't many people who believed the Buckeyes hadn't earned their spot.

Sorry Desmond, we're just not buying this one.