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Details Of What Gregg Popovich Has Told Kawhi Leonard Have Been Revealed

kawhi leonard runs onto the court during a pregame introduction

Kawhi Leonard information has been coming from a lot of people different this summer, with the San Antonio Spurs star forward reportedly demanding a trade, as he's no longer happy with the organization.

Surprisingly, no one appears to have more sources inside Kawhi Leonard's camp than Cris Carter. The FOX Sports 1 personality has been dropping interesting tidbits of information over the past couple of weeks.

Today, Carter revealed some more news. He has information on what Spurs coach Gregg Popovich told Leonard during a one-on-one meeting.

Popovich reportedly flew to California last month to meet with Leonard. During that meeting, Popovich reportedly told Kawhi that he would trade him and attempt to make him happy.

"Kawhi, in meeting with Pop, Pop gave him every indication that he was going to trade him and he was going to try to make Kawhi happy," Carter said on First Things First. "I never said that before because I was holding it until now. So all these discussions about Kawhi going to the East, I believe Popovich is trying to accommodate Kawhi and trying to please him."

You can watch Carter's full comments below:

It's not surprising that Popovich would be willing to trade Kawhi and that he wants to make him happy. However, the Spurs don't appear to be gaining any serious traction on a trade.

San Antonio is reportedly asking for too much right now when it comes to a Kawhi Leonard trade. Teams like the Lakers and the Sixers have been unwilling to give up the package it would take.