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Dez Bryant Makes It Clear Who He Blames For His Release In Candid Interview

Dez Bryant gave a candid interview after he was released by the Cowboys.

Dez Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys on Friday after eight seasons with the franchise. It's safe to say that he's less than pleased regarding the whole situation. Bryant, immediately after being communicated the news, took to Twitter to share his thoughts. He also sat down with the NFL Network and made it clear who he blames for his situation.

Bryant, in the interview below, speaks very candidly on his release. He believes it was the coaches - not owner Jerry Jones - who wanted to let him go.

"I'm not here to bash anybody, but they know man. They know. They know. The way this whole situation got handled. I asked some of them to be a man about some of the situations a long time ago and they couldn't. I'm not talking about no players, because all of the players, we A1, you know that's one thing that we did. We learn from one another. They couldn't. I'm trying my best to sugarcoat it but I can't.

...Just be honest. Some of the coaches man. I'm a direct guy and I only know one way to be. I wake up, sleep, breathe football. If someone don't like me, I would love to know that. You are supposed to go about it that way. Learn how to respect and work with somebody even if you don't like that person. I did it for seven years. I did it for four years. I did it for eight. Just to be honest, like I said, I'm not here to bash anybody but I've got to keep it real. I always keep it real.

Jerry Jones, he loves me to death and I love him too. I honestly believe in my heart that this was a hard decision for him. But, you know, when there are five or six guys at the table against one guy, you've got to do it. Like Jerry told me in our meeting, he didn't ask me to take a pay cut, he didn't want that."

Here's video:

Here are the tweets Bryant released right after the decision was made public. He did not hold back.

It'll be interesting to see where Bryant lands. He himself mentioned playing against the Cowboys twice this year - Giants, Redskins, Eagles, Texans (preseason and regular season) - but nothing has been confirmed.