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Dick Vitale Calls For Major Change In College Basketball After Last Night's Games

The two teams that won their Final Four games on Saturday night, Michigan and Villanova, did so by making a combined 25 three-points shots (seven by the Wolverines, 18 by the Wildcats).

It's obvious that 3-point shooting has become increasingly important in the college basketball world (and the NBA world). Dick Vitale thinks it's time for a change in his sport.

The 3-point line needs to get moved back, he says.

"The time has come to push the 3-point line back to the international distance and widen the lane," Vitale tweeted. "The game is becoming dominated too much by the 3-point shot."

The game certainly has become dominated by the 3-point shot. Villanova, for example, took 15 more 3-point shots than they did 2-point shots during Saturday night's win.

Vitale expanded on his point during an appearance on SportsCenter this morning.

Moving the 3-point line back has been a constant topic of discussion in the college basketball world. They moved it back a little bit a couple of years ago, but it might be time to push it back again.

Michigan and Villanova will surely be trading 3-point blows on Monday night. Tipoff at the national title game is scheduled for 9:2o p.m. E.T. on TBS.