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Dick Vitale Is Crushing The Selection Committee After Virginia's Loss

Dick Vitale breaks down the NCAA Tournament.

ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale has reacted to Virginia's shocking loss in the 2018 NCAA Tournament tonight. He's using it to crush the NCAA Tournament selection committee.

Vitale said tonight's game of the selection committee needing to use more "common sense" when it comes to picking the teams.

The ESPN analyst was very vocal this year about how poor some of the selection committee's decisions were this year.

Vitale believes mid-major teams need to be rewarded over mediocre Power 5 squads.

"UMBC / Loyola Chicago /Marshall etc prove to Selection Committee that RPI’s / Quadrant1’s etc that give edge to the power conferences is not always the answer / COMMON SENSE & KNOWLEDGE of hoops vital / St Mary’s / Middle Tennessee / SHOULD have been in tourney / adds drama," he tweeted.

Vitale continued:

"The Davids baby vs The Goliaths is the drama that creates March Madness / teams like St Mary’s 28-5 should be rewarded Over MEDIOCRITY!"

It's tough to disagree too much with Vitale here. Quality mid-majors over sub-.500 Power 5 teams seems like a pretty logical thing.

The NCAA Tournament continues tomorrow.