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Dick Vitale Is Furious With The NCAA Tournament Bracket

Dick Vitale talks on ESPN.

The 2018 NCAA Tournament field was revealed moments ago on TBS. You can view the full field here.

There were some suspect picks this year. Syracuse made it in. So, too, did Oklahoma.

Some notable teams got left out: USC, Louisville, Notre Dame.

Many people are not happy with some of the picks. Dick Vitale is among them.

The ESPN college basketball analyst appears to be furious with this year's bracket. He tweeted out his frustration.

"Very OBVIOUS that MEDIOCRITY is being awarded!" Vitale tweeted.

"Thought the tournament was to reward success!"

There is controversy with the bracket every year. But it does feel like a couple of the teams that made it in this year (Oklahoma) were playing a lot worse than some teams that didn't make it (Oklahoma State).

The full bracket is currently being unveiled.

You can watch it on TBS.