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Dick Vitale Praises Big 10 Star For What He Did On Sunday

Dick Vitale wearing a headset.

It hasn't been a great couple of days for college basketball. It seems like a new report about the FBI's investigation into corruption within the sport comes out every day.

There was a heartwarming moment over the weekend, though. An Iowa star did something incredible.

Jordan Bohannon, a sophomore guard at Iowa, had made 34 straight free throws by the end of the Hawkeyes’ game against Northwestern on Sunday night. He went to the line with about 2 minutes left in the game with a chance to get to 35 straight.

Making 35 free throws in a row would be a program record. The mark of 34-straight was held by former Hawkeyes standout Chris Street.

Street, a program legend, was killed in a car accident in 1993, three days after he hit his 34th straight free throw. Bohannon has grown close with Street’s family.

So, Bohannon missed a free throw on purpose last night. He wanted to make sure Street’s name stayed in the record books.

How cool was that? Bohannon explained why he did it after the game.

“That’s not my record to have. That record deserves to stay in his name,” he explained.

Dick Vitale was really impressed. The ESPN college basketball analyst praised Bohannon on Twitter.

"This is a young guy that has a fantastic heart!" Vitale tweeted. "What a classy move / caring about others!"