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Dick Vitale: This Team Should've Made The NCAA Tournament

Oklahoma State did not make the NCAA Tournament. Oklahoma did.

This is not sitting well with Dick Vitale. The ESPN college basketball analyst is very upset.

There is no argument: Oklahoma State is playing better basketball right now than Oklahoma. But the Sooners had the better overall resume - at least according to the selection committee - so they made it in.

Vitale is not happy about this. The ESPN college basketball analyst is most upset about this result.

"It is an embarrassment and a humiliation that Oklahoma State is sitting at home right now while Oklahoma, who lost 11 of their last 15 games and who hasn't won a road game since January 1st, is in the Tournament," Vitale said on ESPN.

Here's his full rant:

Dickie V is not happy. A lot of people agree with him. He continued to voice his frustration on Twitter.

You can view the entire 2018 NCAA Tournament bracket here.

The games begin on Tuesday with the play-in contests. The first round begins on Thursday.