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Dick Vitale Under Fire For Latest Tweet About Michigan State

Dick Vitale talks on ESPN.

Dick Vitale might want to be quiet for a little while. The ESPN college basketball analyst can't seem to say anything this weekend without sparking some controversy.

Saturday, the ESPN analyst went on a rant at the end of the Duke-Syracuse game, chastising Sean Miller for what he allegedly did at Arizona. At the same time, he defended Rick Pitino, saying he was treated unfairly.

This sparked quite the reaction on Twitter.

Now, Vitale has taken to Twitter to congratulate Michigan State. The Spartans won the Big Ten's regular season title today.

MSU defeated Wisconsin, locking up the title and the No. 1 seed in the Big Ten Tournament.

Vitale's wording is getting criticized. He's praised Michigan State for fighting through all of the "adversity" the program faced this year.

That "adversity" is allegedly mishandling several sexual assault allegations. The responses to the tweet are not great.

Here are some of the responses:


Michigan State will begin play in the Big Ten Tournament on Friday. They'll face the winner of the 8-9 game.