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Dick Vitale Does Not Think Urban Meyer Should Be Fired

Dick Vitale breaks down the NCAA Tournament.

We still don't have an answer from Ohio State regarding whether Urban Meyer is going to keep his job after the Zach Smith scandal, but one prominent ESPN personality seems to be siding with the Buckeyes coach.

Dick Vitale, ESPN's longtime college basketball announcer, does not understand why Meyer should lose his job. In a tweet Friday, he made it clear that he thinks Meyer acted appropriately and should not lose his job as a result.

In fact, Vitale doesn't think that Meyer should even be suspended. He says he reported it up the chain both in 2009 and 2015.

"Those asking @OhioStAthletics to fire @OSUCoachMeyer / give me 1 reason y / what has he done to be even suspended ? He gave his superiors info about Zach Smith / police never charged Smith in 2009& 2015 / I don’t see y Urban should be blamed ."

Vitale often defends coaches - but there's usually college basketball coaches. It's unclear what kind of relationship Vitale has with Meyer.

Vitale is one of the first ESPN personalities to defend Meyer and declare himself in support of the Buckeyes coach.

Meyer is currently on paid administrative leave while the school looks into how he handled 2015 allegations of domestic violence against his former wide receivers coach Zach Smith.