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Dick Vitale's Getting Crushed For What He Said At End Of Duke-Syracuse

The college basketball world has been shaken onto its head. Not everyone is reacting very well.

Dick Vitale is perhaps the biggest defender of the sport's coaches out there. He's pretty upset.

However, the ESPN college basketball analyst still might not understand the scope of what's going on. People are criticizing him for what he was saying during Saturday night's Duke-Syracuse game.

Vitale did say that Arizona head coach Sean Miller, who was allegedly caught discussing a $100K payment for a player, should be fired immediately. It appears, though, that Vitale might think Miller is the only coach who does this.

The ESPN college basketball analyst was getting criticized pretty hard for what he was saying during the end of the Duke-Syracuse game.

While Miller might be the only coach who's been named, it's incredibly unlikely - given all of these reports - that the Arizona coach is the only one who's discussed paying for a player. It's possible, likely even, that several of the sport's top coaches are involved in stuff like this. Vitale was still showing support for fired Louisville head coach Rick Pitino.

Vitale has often been criticized for being too favorable to college basketball's top coaches. This is just another example.

The college basketball world is likely to continue to be rocked by new reports. Stay tuned for more updates.