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Video Shows Diego Maradona In Terrible Shape After Argentina's Win

diego maradona in rough shape after argentina's world cup win

The country of Argentina is partying tonight. They might be partying a little too hard, but hey, they just won a massive World Cup game, advancing into the knockout round.

Argentina legend Diego Maradona went viral at the end of the game for his reaction to the country's game-winning goal. He appeared to be flicking off some people in front of him.

New video of Maradona has surfaced after the game. This is less flattering.

Video shows Maradona appearing to be in rough shape getting walked out of the arena.

Check it out:

Yikes. That was tough to watch. He didn't appear to be in that rough of shape just minutes prior, but he was getting held up a bit:

Regardless, Argentina has reason to be very excited moving forward. The country has moved on to the Round of 16. The knockout round will begin later this month. Maradona will hopefully be back in the arena (and in better shape) for that one.