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Disturbing Video Of High-Speed Boat Dragging Shark Goes Viral

A shark is dragged by a speeding boat.

Video showing three boaters dragging a shark at high speed is going viral.

Three boaters - depicted in the below video - could be in trouble with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

In the below clip, three men on a boat can be heard laughing as a large shark, tethered to the back of their vessel, gets dragged violently at high speed.

The video was sent to a man named Mark Quartiano - who goes by "The Shark Hunter" on Instagram. He was appalled by the video and posted it to, essentially, put the group on blast.

ABC says the commission is trying to figure out if any violations occurred.

Wildlife officials said they are taking the video "very seriously" and are attempting to identify the people in it and where the incident occurred. But the FWC said it is too early to know if any violations took place in the incident.

..."I guess they saw a need to send me that video -- like I was going to condone that kind of behavior, which I don't," Quartiano said, adding that he believes the people who sent it: "thought this was funny."

...Quartiano said that the people who sent him the video also sent him still photos showing the bloodied remains of the shark, which they appear to have later dragged into the boat.

We'll keep you updated as this story unfolds.