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Here’s How Athletes Have Responded To Donald Trump’s “Locker Room Talk” Quote

Donald Trump at a campaign rally.


Many athletes are not happy with Donald Trump classifying his controversial comments as "locker room talk" and used Twitter as a platform to respond.

In a leaked video from 2005, a 59-year-old Donald Trump used degrading language when talking about women. The comments were picked up by a "hot mic" Trump was wearing during an Access Hollywood video. Trump apologized for the comments and passed them off as "locker room talk," a point he reiterated during the debate Sunday night.

Well, many athletes who have spent a large portion of their lives in locker rooms are coming out against the comments.

According to many athletes, no, that is not how they talk when they are in the locker room. Athletes from all over the sporting world took to Twitter to dispel Trump's accusation that this is something men talk about in the locker room on a consistent basis.

It's safe to say Trump's comments do not sit well with a number of professional athletes. Others were downright mad, using expletives to when describing Trump's comments.