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Doubts Are Beginning To Swirl For One Major ESPN Broadcaster

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ESPN debuted its new Monday Night Football broadcasting team this week. The team's play-by-play man, Joe Tessitore, received solid reviews. So, too, did Booger McFarland, who's serving as a kind of third man on the broadcast.

ESPN's main MNF analyst, former Dallas Cowboys star Jason Witten, did not receive the best of reviews.

Witten was called stiff and boring by many watching Monday night's game.

"Booger McFarland is so good and it’s so apparent and how Jason Witten ended up in the booth over him for MNF is baffling," tweeted one viewer.

"Jason Witten looks very robotic, if played for some other team than Cowboys, he wouldn't be on MNF," tweeted another.

"Jason Witten seems so stiff and unnatural on TV. Did they stick him in the main booth because of Romo-syndrome? Why didn't they start him out on smaller assignments?" added one.

Doubts are already beginning to swirl about Witten's future. "Jason Witten was on Dan Patrick just now. Was a pretty bland interview. It’s early but I’m growing more skeptical Witten is a good fit for a network’s A team color guy. He can certainly do this, but not at this level imo," tweeted Awful Announcing's Ben Koo.

It's early, of course, and it's fair to assume there are going to be some growing pains, but things are probably going to have to pick up.