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Doug Gottlieb Is Getting Destroyed For What He Tweeted This Morning

Doug Gottlieb speaks during his show.

FOX Sports 1 personality Doug Gottlieb is facing some major criticism for what he tweeted about transfers this morning.

The former college basketball star argues that players who transfer during the middle of their freshman season should have to pay back their scholarship.

"If you transfer mid-year during your freshman year, you should have to pay back the scholarship. It is basically $100k scholly no one else can use and some guys leave 7-10 games in, which is a joke," he tweeted.

Unsurprisingly, Gottlieb is facing major pushback for this tweet. Some of the harshest criticism comes from ESPN analyst Jay Williams, who referenced Gottlieb leaving Notre Dame after his freshman season after he stole a classmate's credit card. "Did you pay back your scholarship after being removed Notre Dame? Holla at me when you cut that check back to ND," he tweeted.

Gottlieb clapped back, hard.

"I apologize for being prepared to work every day and trying to make you look good on television during your tough times that no one knew you were going through. My bad. Sorry," he tweeted.

Gottlieb expounded on some of his thoughts below: