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Draymond Green Somehow Wasn't Ejected For This Insane Outburst

draymond green has an outburst in game 3 of the nba finals

Draymond Green has already received one technical foul in tonight's NBA Finals game in Cleveland. He should have received two, though.

The Golden State Warriors' star forward had a ridiculous outburst after getting called for a foul on a reach-in against Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson early in the first quarter of tonight's contest.

Somehow, the referees decided to not give Green a technical. We're really not sure why.

Green was screaming his head off strutting down the court, clearly using some obscenities. The referees kept their whistles quiet, though.

You can watch the outburst below:

If that's not a technical foul, I'm not sure what is.

Green, meanwhile, is two technical fouls away from getting a suspension. The seventh technical foul a player receives in the playoffs results in a suspension for the following game. Green already has five.

Game 3 is being televised on ABC. Cleveland leads, 22-15.