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Meet Brenda Casey, Wife Of NBA Coach Of The Year Dwane Casey

Dwane Casey's wife Brenda.

Dwane Casey may have gotten fired by the Toronto Raptors, but he had the last laugh tonight. Casey was named NBA Coach of the Year at the league's annual awards show.

Casey was recently named head coach of the Detroit Pistons, so he won't have to waste his time looking for a job. When he goes to Detroit, his wife Brenda will be by his side.

Brenda was at the NBA Awards tonight, and Dwane mentioned her during his speech. It was a pretty cool moment, and she seemed very appreciative in the crowd.

Check it out:

Casey and his wife have two children, Justine and Zachary. They have apparently been married since 2006. Here are some more photos of the couple together, including one from the red carpet tonight.

Congratulations Coach Casey and family on tonight's award. It was well-deserved, even if the year didn't end on a high note.