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Each State's Most Misspelled Word, According To Google Search Data

The most misspelled word in every state.

The people of Wisconsin have some explaining to do.

Google released an interesting map on Tuesday, showing the most misspelled word in each state. As you'd imagine, it's gone viral.

The most confusing situations come from New Mexico, Mississippi and Wisconsin. People in New Mexico apparently can't spell banana. People in Mississippi apparently can't spell nanny. And people in Wisconsin apparently can't spell...Wisconsin.

Check it out, via Google.

Here's a closer look: It's also hard to believe that words like sense, quote, angel and gray made the cut. Oddly enough, when Google first posted the map, it made a spelling error itself. "Nintey" was slotted for Washington D.C.

The most misspelled word in every state.

Well done, America.