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Ed Werder Feuds With Sports Illustrated Writer Over Job Posting

A photo of Ed Werder on camera.

Former ESPN reporter Ed Werder has a social media controversy on his hands this morning. The NFL insider is feuding with a Sports Illustrated writer over a tweet that encouraged women to apply for a job. For many, this is not a great look by Werder.

It started when Sports Illustrated's Charlotte Wilder tweeted about a job opening at The news outlet is hiring an entry-level breaking news writer. The job will be based in New York City.

"If you can stand sitting near me in the office this is a (very) cool opportunity," Wilder tweeted. "Especially if you're a woman trying to get into sports, you should message me — DMs are open."

Werder seemed to take offense to Wilder's "especially if you're a woman" phrasing.

Werder and Wilder then had a back-and-forth about the industry and the fact that men occupy a significant part of the job force.

ESPN reporter Mina Kimes, who's one of the rising stars at the Worldwide Leader, weighed in:

"Encouraging women to apply for a position isn't the same thing as 'excluding' men. it's helping female applicants network, which can be a challenge given the massive gender imbalance in our industry (which I'm sure you know exists)," she wrote.

Wilder ended up tweeting "this is clearly not a productive conversation but thanks for amplifying the job posting with your quote tweets, appreciate it."

That is true. Thr breaking news writer job will surely get more job applicants now because of the added coverage of this Twitter feud, which is good, at least.