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Egyptian Television Analyst Dies After Egypt's Loss To Saudi Arabia

A general view of a soccer stadium from the vantage point of the goal.

(Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images)

Egypt failed to earn a point in this year's World Cup, and it looks like the team's final loss - to Saudi Arabia - may have been too much for one prominent television analyst in the country.

Abdel Rahim Mohamed, who used to coach Zalamek, reportedly passed away after Egypt's 2-1 loss to Saudi Arabia on Monday night. Mohamed reportedly suffered a heart attack. Egypt Today reports that it came as a result of the "poor performance" of the national team.

Mohamed fell sick at the headquarters of the Egyptian national T.V. in Cairo, where he was scheduled to provide an analysis of the match. He reportedly felt emotional during and after the math due to the poor performance of the national team.

His son rushed him to a hospital in downtown, but he was soon announced dead.

Mohamed was set to go on air after the match to provide analysis. Instead, he was rushed to the hospital.

Egypt, armed with one the best players in the world in Mo Salah, was supposed to be competitive in this year's competition. But they lost to Uruguay, Russia and Saudi Arabia and failed to even record a point in the standings.

The World Cup is currently still in the Group Stage - the Knockout Stage begins in a few days.

Obviously, this is a terrible story. Our thoughts are with Mohamed's family and friends.