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ESPN SportsCenter Anchor Announces Major Personal News

Elle Duncan on the set of ESPN with Seth Greenberg.

Earlier this year, ESPN SportsCenter anchor Elle Duncan, one of the most well-liked people at the network, announced some huge personal news - she was pregnant. Thursday, Duncan posted a photo of her newborn daughter, Eva. It looks like she was born on Wednesday.

It looks like Eva's middle name might be Rose, too. Duncan jokingly posted that Eva is already the smartest baby in the world. She weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces.

Duncan got married a few years back to her husband, Omar. The two often post photos together on social media.

In fact, that's how Duncan informed the world that they were having a daughter. She joked that their newborn would be Omar's new "main chick" soon enough.

Check it out:

Duncan worked at a number of news stations, including NESN, before landing at ESPN back in 2016. She's been with the network for two years.

Congratulations to Elle and Omar. Perhaps we've got another SportsCenter anchor in the making.