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Emergency Alert Services Sends Out False Missile Warning

Soccer players walking off the field.

A false warning was sent out to those in the Hawaii area.

A terrifying message scrolled across Hawaiian TV sets while phones erupted with a notification from the Emergency Alert Services on Saturday morning. The message warned of an impending missile strike.

Those awake to catch an early sporting event were witness to a pre-recorded message warning them of an impending missile strike in just a few minutes. The alert was sent by mistake.

The false message sent shockwaves through social media, where Hawaiian inhabitants shared what the moment was like. Confusion was the main feeling until the EAS released a statement claiming the issued alert was an accident.

However, for those in the Hawaii area, a message that read "this is not a drill" contradicted that notion. Imagine waking up on a Saturday morning to a missile threat.

With news every day that North Korea is attempting missile strikes, a false message like this incites panic. Those enjoying a vacation in Hawaii and locals of the island were in for a very rude awakening.

Those watching TV during the incident saw a message like this.

It's a terrifying moment for all involved.

Viewers couldn't possibly know this was a mistake, at least for a few minutes until it was confirmed as an error. We can't imagine the fear and panic those in the area must have felt.