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England Loses To Croatia In Heartbreaking Fashion At The World Cup

england's soccer team posts a photo at the game against croatia

The trophy is not coming home. England has fallen in heartbreaking fashion at the World Cup semifinals, losing to Croatia. The magical World Cup run is over for the country that says it created the sport.

England got off to a brilliant start, taking a 1-0 lead just minutes into the contest when it scored a goal at the 4 minute mark. The rest of the first half was mostly uneventful.

Croatia battled back in the second half, though, scoring a game-tying goal a decent amount of the way into the second half. We then headed into extra time.

This is where England fell. Croatia scored its game-winning goal minutes into the second extra-time period.

It was heartbreak for England and pandemonium for Croatia.

World Cup losses don't get much more heartbreaking than that. England didn't lose in penalty kicks, at least.

Croatia, meanwhile, moves onto the World Cup Final. It's set to take on France in the championship game this weekend. The French will enter the game as the favorite, but Croatia is playing some really skilled soccer right now.

England, of course, now has to wait another 4 years to go for a World Cup championship. The country last won the World Cup in 1966, beating Germany.