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England vs. Tunisia: Midges, Mosquitoes Causing Issues For Players

england players dodging midges world cup

When you think of Russia you probably don't think that the country would have an issue with gnats/midges/mosquitoes. It just doesn't seem like the type of place that would have problems that typically go with humid, hot locations.

There appears to be an issue developing at the 2018 World Cup, though. Bugs seem to be causing problems at one World Cup location.

England and Tunisia are underway in their first game of the World Cup. Players were battling bugs in the pregame warmups.

Check it out:


The midges have reportedly been causing problems for the area for a month-plus. Russia has been doing everything it can to get rid of them.

The Evening Standard has more details:

Helicopters have been spraying insecticide over the stadium in a bid to fight the mosquitoes, while the England team have apparently stocked up on repellent.

The Arctic mosquitoes thrive in Volgograd, located in south west Russia, due to the city’s proximity to the River Volga and its warmer climate.

Welp. Hopefully it doesn't cause too much of a problem during today's game.

England and Tunisia are currently playing on FOX Sports 1.