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Erin Andrews And Lou Holtz Will Be Competing For Your Attention

Lou has a tough opponent this fall.
erin andrews dos equis john saunders

erin andrews dos equis

While it is the offseason for college sports, the major networks have been extremely busy. We have major names and hosts moving left and right, and networks are trying to put their best possible teams on the air come fall.

Well, BigLeadSports is reporting that Fox has just announced its A-team for its Saturday Night Prime Time game each week. The star-studded squad will be made up of the newly-acquired Erin Andrews, Joey Harrington, and Eddie George.

Because they'll be handling the prime time night games, the trio will not have to directly compete with ESPN's College GameDay crew in the morning. However, the time slot directly conflicts with the show hosted by coaching legend Lou Holtz and his co-host Mark May.

Watching Erin Andrews, or listening to Dr. Lou - now that's actually a tough choice to make.