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Erin Andrews Appears To Respond To Desmond Howard With "Hollywood" Tweet

erin andrews dos equis john saunders

erin andrews dos equis

Erin Andrews appears to have responded to Desmond Howard.

This week, James Andrew Miller dropped another episode of his Origins podcast - this time delving into the success of ESPN's College GameDay. The podcast covered a number of topics, including Erin Andrews' contributions to the show. Current GameDay analyst Desmond Howard had a few things to say.

Howard recalled a staff meeting in which Andrews was surfing the Perez Hilton website. He said Lee Corso didn't look too happy about her preoccupation with "Hollywood."

Howard, specifically, said that Corso put off that "old man silence" vibe that was "deafening." He made it clear that Corso wasn't a fan of the situation.

Here's more, via Yahoo Sports:

Who is this Perez Hilton? But she was reading something from like a Hollywood website and I would look at [Lee] Corso and Corso, he would have that old man silence that was loud as hell. So he was sitting there and his silence was like deafening. And I could tell this was working his nerves … She had that Dancing with the Stars thing, that whole Hollywood thing going on, whatever, and we were talking football and she’s in there on that website … I didn’t know what that website was, I thought she was trying to say something about someone who was a relative of Paris Hilton.

Well, it looks like Andrews has gotten wind of Howard's comments. Friday, Andrews, responding to someone jokingly welcoming her to Minnesota this weekend, said the scene might not be "Hollywood" enough for her. She didn't tag Howard, but it's a clear shot at what he said on the podcast.

Andrews will be in Minnesota to cover the Vikings vs. Saints game this Sunday because she's the top sideline reporter for FOX's NFL coverage.

Here's her Twitter exchange with the fan. Also, for what it's worth, the Vikings play indoors at U.S. Bank Stadium. The tweet isn't reflective of what Andrews will actually have to endure for the gig.

It's unclear whether Andrews will issue any kind of statement on Howard's comments. FOX Sports reportedly wouldn't let her be interviewed for Miller's podcast.