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ESPN Analyst Calls For Players To Boycott The NCAA Tournament

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Should college basketball players boycott the NCAA Tournament in the wake of everything that's wrong with the sport? One ESPN analyst says yes.

Former NBA and Michigan basketball star Jalen Rose called for a boycott of the NCAA Tournament. He called for it on Jalen & Jacoby on Monday.

"I wish NCAA players understood the power that they now have. In a climate of so many things that are changing, so many discussions that have now come to the forefront that have been closeted for so very long - for a multitude of reasons. I wish NCAA players would exercise that power by boycotting the NCAA tournament."

Rose continued to say, expanding on how impactful a boycott would be.

"Imagine this: No different from what I said with the NFL players when they were doing their protest at the beginning of the year. Imagine if they would have shown up on a Sunday and decided not to play. The exact same thing with the NCAA tournament. How many people pay attention to collegiate basketball in March? (Millions). How many people in office pools and casual basketball fans or people who never watch basketball at all are filling out NCAA brackets? (Tons) Why are they filling out those brackets?

"Fun? Interesting?! They're doing it to bet! They're doing it for the money. The mula. The dinero. That's why they're doing it. So as a player you now have equity. If they decided and band together and said, 'We not performing tonight.

You can watch his segment below:

The NCAA Tournament is a billion-dollar industry, with its TV rights deal surpassing the $8 billion mark. A boycott of the event would be arguably the biggest sports story of this century.

Obviously, it's not going to happen. ESPN analyst Jay Williams also weighed in on the idea.

The NCAA Tournament starts two weeks from Thursday.