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ESPN Analyst Under Fire For "Left Wing" Comment During Game

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ESPN has been criticized a lot over the past couple of years for being "too political," and that's something the network has attempted to push back on, so the Worldwide Leader's executives probably weren't thrilled when a "left wing" comment was made during Monday night's NFL game.

Monday Night Football analyst Jason Witten criticized the league's new roughing the passer rules, describing them as too far "left wing."

"They’ve just gone too far with that rule. I knew they wanted to make it about the health and safety, and protecting these quarterbacks. But it just seems like we went a little bit to the left wing on that, you know?" he said.

Here's the clip of the comment:

ESPN has since commented on what happened, saying it wasn't political.

ESPN's new president, Jimmy Pitaro, has said that the network is a "political organization." Regardless of Witten's intentions here, the Worldwide Leader can't be happy about it.