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ESPN Announces New Afternoon Show Lineup

The Worldwide Leader has revealed its new afternoon show lineup.

Massive layoffs aren't the only thing changing at ESPN moving forward.

The network, which is laying off roughly 100 employees, including prominent on-air talents, announced a new afternoon show lineup that will be rolled out soon.

Among the notable changes: Rachel Nichols' NBA show, The Jump, will be featured year-round, and MLB Network's Intentional Talk will be broadcast on ESPN2 starting on May 1.

The new weekday lineup is emphasizing "sport-specific" shows.

“The fan bases of these sports – NFL, NBA, college football and Major League Baseball – are ravenous for information on a daily basis,” said Burke Magnus, ESPN executive vice president, programming and scheduling. “These shows – with news, highlights and debate – complement our strong event coverage in each sport. In addition, as a reflection of the consumption habits of today’s sports fan, making programming available on mobile and on demand, only makes sense.”

Here's the new lineup, which will begin on July 12.

You can view ESPN's full release here.