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ESPN Announces New Hour-Long Show Featuring Pablo Torre, Bomani Jones

ESPN logo.

The Worldwide Leader has a new TV show.

ESPN has a new TV show.

The Worldwide Leader announced today that Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre are set to host a new hour-long show at noon on ESPN starting on Tuesday, Jan. 2 in 2018.

The duo is excited.

"We made it, baby!" Jones tweeted.

From ESPN:

“Had someone asked me a year ago who I’d want to work with on a new TV show, I would have said Pablo Torre,” Jones said. “Now that it’s going to happen, I couldn’t be more excited. We have a chance to make something new, fresh and entertaining, and I can’t wait to take on that challenge.”

Torre added, “Bomani Jones happens to be one of my best friends in this strange business, not least because I wind up laughing while being challenged and enlightened every time we talk. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to turn ourselves into a live sports television show that’s as fun to watch as it will be to make.”

You can view ESPN's full release here.