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ESPN Announces Plans For A New Katie Nolan Show

Katie Nolan makes an appearance on SportsNation.

A new show is coming to ESPN. It'll be a digital show hosted exclusively on the Worldwide Leader's app.

Katie Nolan, a somewhat recently new hire for ESPN, will be hosting a "weekly late night" digital show. The show will include planned segments and interviews, among other things.

The show will be called "Always Late with Katie Nolan."

Here are the details, from ESPN:

  • Weekly late night digital show coming soon
  • Host Katie Nolan’s sharp, irreverent and authentic voice will be brought to the forefront, highlighting her take on the world of sports, pop culture and beyond
  • Featuring reaction to and commentary on the week’s news, produced segments and interviews with athletes, celebrities and more

Nolan has been at ESPN since last fall.

ESPN announced plans for several more digital shows, too. You can view the details here.