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ESPN Does Not Mention Deandre Ayton's Name In New Bottomline Report

A split screen of ESPN NBA analysts.

ESPN's reporting on the Arizona-Sean Miller situation continues to be poured over. Tonight, something new happened.

A bottomline report about Miller's situation was published during NBA Countdown. There was one detail notably missing from the report.

The report did not include the name of the five-star recruit Miller was reportedly talking about - Deandre Ayton. Instead, the bottomline report just said "five-star."

"(Sean) Miller was caught on tape ... discussing $100K payment to ensure a five-star prospect signed with Arizona."

Here it is:

Is this significant? Maybe, maybe not.

247Sports and other outlets have reported that there are some serious questions regarding the specifics of ESPN's report, specifically the timeline. One Arizona columnist claims ESPN also got the name of the player wrong.

ESPN has also issued multiple corrections to its initial report.

This story, obviously, is far from being wrapped up. Stay tuned.