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ESPN Executive VP Calls Out Fox Sports Regarding Accusations Of 'Liberal Bias'

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ESPN executive Burke Magnus pushed back against the idea that ESPN has a political agenda, and accused Fox Sports of perpetuating the narrative.

Today, ESPN executive Burke Magnus addressed the notion that ESPN was operating with a liberal bias, suggesting Fox Sports has continued to push what he called a false narrative.

“The whole narrative is a false one that was seeded and perpetuated primarily by a direct business competitor,” said Burke Magnus, ESPN’s executive vice president of programming and scheduling, per Sports Business Daily. “We have no political agenda whatsoever.”

“It would be foolish in the business that we’re in to take sides on the political arena,” he continued. “Our business competitor perpetuates this narrative because in this highly partisan time, it suits them to highlight this distinction, even when it doesn’t exist.”

Fox Sports personalities Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock have continually taken ESPN to task for its perceived bias, with Travis claiming on his Outkick the Coverage blog, "ESPN made the mistake of trying to make liberal social media losers happy and as a result lost millions of viewers."

In one survey conducted by a research company contracted by ESPN, "64 percent of viewers respondents who took the survey indicated that ESPN had found the right chemistry between sports news and political issues, while only 30 percent claimed to have detected a political bias." Of those that detected a bias, 30 percent detected a conservative viewpoint.

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