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Most ESPN Experts Are Picking These 2 Teams To Win Their Final Four Games Tomorrow

ESPN released its Final Four expert picks on Friday and two teams are overwhelming favorites.

Friday morning, ESPN's "experts" released their picks for this year's two Final Four games. It looks like most think we're looking at a Michigan vs. Villanova championship game.

ESPN had 23 experts pick winners - and scores - for the games. Jay Bilas, for example, picked Loyola Chicago to knock off Michigan, 72-69, with Villanova defeating Kansas, 77-74.

Of the 23 experts, 16 are picking Michigan to knock off Loyola Chicago. In the other contest, 18 are picking Villanova to defeat Kansas.

That's right - more people think Villanova will beat fellow 1-seed Kansas than Michigan will knock off 11-seed Loyola Chicago.

College basketball fans - which expert will be closest on Saturday?