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ESPN Fantasy Down: Football Fans Freaking Out Due To Technical Errors

ESPN Fantasy down: Football fans - specifically NFL fans - are freaking out Sunday afternoon because the Worldwide Leader is experiencing technical glitches.

There are certainly a number of different sports websites that run fantasy leagues, but there's no question that ESPN has the most widely-used system. So when the NFL's first Sunday kicked off and the Worldwide Leader was having technical issues that blocked users from seeing their teams, stats and matchups, well - it didn't go over well. With ESPN fantasy down, users freaked out.

Currently, ESPN's Fantasy site is inaccessible. The site doesn't work, the app doesn't work - nothing works.

ESPN, for the record, has acknowledged that it's having problems. Just an hour or so ago, the network's Fantasy Sports Twitter account informed users that it knows about the errors. We imagine they got enough emails/tweets about it from angry fans.

...and five minutes ago, ESPN issued another tweet - noting that they've identified the problem. They're doing their best to fix it as soon as possible. We imagine there are some technicians who work for ESPN who aren't having a great weekend.

Truth be told, this could be a problem for the network. If users get too fed up, they could leave for another site's services - like Yahoo's. That may not happen until 2017 - but regardless, it would hurt them in the long run.

Fantasy football, of course, is just one of the different games you can play - there's fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball, fantasy hockey, fantasy golf, etc. But fantasy football is easily the most popular of its kind - so the network being down for any real amount of time was bound to set off a firestorm.

The 1:00 p.m ET games are almost over, so it'll be interesting to see if they can get it back up and running before the 4:00 p.m. ET games hit.

Update: ESPN has released a new update - but the outage persists.

We'll keep you updated.