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ESPN, Fox Sports 1 Are Both Getting Criticized Today

A graphic of ESPN and FS1 logos.

The two most-powerful sports networks on TV are getting criticized today.

ESPN and Fox Sports 1 are both getting criticized today for the platform they've given LaVar Ball.

The father of potential top draft pick Lonzo Ball went on Colin Cowherd's The Herd on Fox Sports 1 and got into it with his female co-host, Kristine Leahy, telling her to "stay in her lane" while refusing to make eye contact. It was bad.

LaVar Ball has been saying ridiculous things on the air for a while now, though, and this was just the most-recent appearance he's made on a major network. Ball has been on ESPN's First Take,SportsNation and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. He's been on Fox Sports 1's UndisputedThe Herd and Speak For Yourself.

People are now criticizing the two networks for giving him the airtime he wants.

Don't expect this to be his final appearance on either Fox Sports 1 or ESPN, though.

The Sports Illustrated media critic is right, unfortunately.