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ESPN's FPI Projects Win-Loss Records For Every College Football Team In 2017

ESPN's FPI has projected win-loss totals for every college football team heading into the 2017 season.

The 2017 college football season is less than three months away, so it's time to get caught up on which teams are projected to dominate - and which teams are projected to have rough campaigns. ESPN's FPI helps us sort it all out.

According to ESPN, Ohio State is the highest-ranked team heading into 2017. The Buckeyes have an FPI of 29.0, which is over three points higher than Alabama. Here's the definition of the FPI, in case you've forgotten.

The Football Power Index (FPI) is a measure of team strength that is meant to be the best predictor of a team's performance going forward for the rest of the season. FPI represents how many points above or below average a team is. Projected results are based on 10,000 simulations of the rest of the season using FPI, results to date, and the remaining schedule. Ratings and projections update daily.

The FPI also predicts win-loss records for every team in the country. Let's take a look at what it's predicting, by conference.


Florida State: 10.4-2.2

Clemson: 9.4-2.9

Louisville: 8.8-3.2

Miami: 9.1-3.4

NC State: 7.7-4.4

Virginia Tech: 7.9-4.3

North Carolina: 7.0-5.1

Georgia Tech: 6.3-5.8

Pittsburgh: 5.8-6.3

Syracuse: 5.6-6.4

Duke: 5.3-6.8

Wake Forest: 5.0-7.0

Boston College: 4.3-7.7

Virginia: 4.8-7.2

Big Ten

Ohio State: 11.8-1

Penn State: 9.9-2.2

Wisconsin: 10.6-2.2

Michigan: 8.3-3.7

Northwestern: 8.3-3.9

Iowa: 7.0-5.0

Minnesota: 6.4-5.6

Nebraska: 5.5-6.5

Michigan State: 5.2-6.8

Indiana: 5.9-6.1

Maryland: 3.9-8.1

Illinois: 3.7-8.3

Rutgers: 3.9-8.1

Purdue: 2.6-9.4

Big 12

Oklahoma: 11-1.9

TCU: 8.5-3.8

Texas: 7.7-4.5

Oklahoma State: 7.7-4.5

Baylor: 7.3-4.8

Kansas State: 7.4-4.7

Texas Tech: 5.7-6.4

West Virginia: 5.9-6.2

Iowa State: 4.2-7.8

Kansas: 2.7-9.3


Alabama: 10.6-1.9

Auburn: 9.5-2.8

LSU: 9.0-3.1

Georgia: 8.4-4.0

Florida: 7.9-4.4

Tennessee: 7.9-4.3

Texas A&M: 6.6-5.4

South Carolina: 6.1-6.0

Mississippi State: 6.1-6.0

Kentucky: 6.7-5.4

Arkansas: 6.1-5.9

Ole Miss: 6.4-5.6

Missouri: 6.5-5.5

Vanderbilt: 5.4-6.6


Washington: 10.1-2.3

Stanford: 9.0-3.3

USC: 9.2-3.6

Oregon: 8.3-3.9

UCLA: 7.5-4.7

Washington State: 8.1-4.0

Arizona State: 5.7-6.3

Colorado: 6.4-5.7

Utah: 5.2-6.8

Oregon State: 4.8-7.2

Arizona: 5.6-6.5

California: 3.6-8.4

ESPN's FPI also predicts Notre Dame will finish with an 8-4 record.

The 2017 campaign kicks off Saturday, August 26.