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New Ratings Are In For ESPN's "Get Up" Morning Show

ESPN's new show Get Up!

ESPN's new morning show, Get Up!, debuted this week with co-hosts Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose. The show, a monumental project for ESPN, airs daily from the network's brand-new, multi-million dollar studio in Downtown Manhattan.

Ratings are in for the show's first couple of shows. They are...not good.

It's early, of course. No show should be judged heavily on how it performs incredibly early on in its tenure.

But, right now, this isn't good. The show reportedly had less than 200,000 people watching it on Wednesday morning. That's pretty disastrous.

Last Wednesday, when SportsCenter AM was airing in the same time slot, it got more than 260K viewers.

The show has gotten worse ratings in every proceeding day. Again, it's early, but this is not a great sign.

ESPN's other main morning show, First Take, has been up year over year.

ESPN needs Get Up! to be a success. You don't pour the kind of money they did into this show for it to not be. Right now, though, they've got some work to do.