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ESPN's Jen Lada Shares Disturbing Story Of Sexual Harassment During Job Interview

ESPN's Jen Lada shares a disturbing story of sexual harassment she faced during a job interview.

Monday morning, Newsweek's Lucy Westcott published an eye-opening article detailing the different types of sexual harassment that both women and men have faced or witnessed in the journalism industry. She claims that for her piece, 53 women and two men reached out to tell their stories. ESPN's Jen Lada, after reading the post, took to Twitter with a troubling account of her own.

Lada, who has been with ESPN since 2015, claims that during her very first interview in the field of sports journalism, her interviewer took off his pants, drank too much, drove her to his house instead of her hotel and attempted to get her to join him in his pool.

It's safe to say that Lada was better off not getting the job.

Sadly, this isn't the first horror story we've heard regarding this topic. What's more disturbing is that Lada claims the interviewer still works for the network.

Obviously, this is a trend in our industry that needs to change. Hopefully Lada and others sharing their stories helps spread the word on the issue.