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ESPN Has New Update On Kawhi Leonard-Sixers Trade

Kawhi Leonard runs up the court during a game for the Spurs.

The Kawhi Leonard trade market is at a standstill. It certainly seems like the San Antonio Spurs want to trade Leonard, but finding a suitor has been tough.

Talent-wise, Leonard is one of the five or six best players in the league when healthy. However, it is his unknown health and the fact he might only be a one-year rental for a team that trades for him that seems to be keeping his market down.

The Philadelphia 76ers are one of the teams considering trading for Leonard. The Sixers might become the favorites in the East if they acquired the 27-year-old forward, but have to be cautious, because he might leave next summer as a free agent.

Because of that, Philly has been hesitant to include second-year point guard Markelle Fultz in trade talks, per reports. Fultz struggled as a rookie but the team still believes in him.

In his latest piece for ESPN, Zach Lowe confirms Philly has held Fultz out of any discussions. Lowe goes on to say that passing on Leonard could help the Sixers out financially as well.

Philadelphia has not included Markelle Fultz in trade talks, sources say. If the 76ers miss out on Leonard now, they could enter next offseason with about $40 million in cap space -- a nice consolation prize.

Philly could presumably use that cap space to pursue Leonard in free agency, or to target other players in what is slated to be a strong 2019 free agent class.

Right now, the Spurs don't have to deal Leonard. They could probably wait right up until training camp before doing so.

That leaves plenty of time for twists and turns.