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ESPN Names Tony Romo's 3 Most-Realistic Destinations

Here's where Tony Romo might play next season.

ESPN published a story today titled, "Destination Romo," outlining the Dallas Cowboys quarterback's possible destinations for next season.

Romo, 36, is still a Cowboy, but he likely won't be for long.

"Destination Romo" has 12 possible scenarios for Romo, but only three of them are listed as "realistic."

They are:

  • Remain on the Dallas Cowboys as the backup
  • Sign with the Chicago Bears
  • Sign with the New York Jets

Those three all seem unlikely to me, though. Romo wants to play and he wants to play for a contender. Neither the Bears nor the Jets are good enough to contend for anything in 2017.

Another ESPN article predicted yesterday that Romo will sign with the Houston Texans. That seems like a much better fit.