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ESPN: Only These 8 Teams Have A Chance At The National Title

We're now four weeks into the 2018 college football season. The best team in the country right now is obvious. Alabama is dominating and the Crimson Tide don't appear to be close to stopping.

How many teams other than Alabama have a chance at winning the national title, though?

Ohio State? Clemson? Georgia?

According to ESPN's College Football Playoff predictor model, there are eight teams with a somewhat-legitimate chance of winning the national championship.

All eight of these teams have a 2 percent chance or better at bringing home the trophy:

  • Alabama - 39 percent
  • Georgia - 15 percent
  • Ohio State - 13 percent
  • Clemson - 13 percent
  • Penn State - 8 percent
  • Oklahoma - 4 percent
  • Notre Dame - 3 percent
  • Michigan - 2 percent

Two of these teams are set to meet this weekend in what could be a knockout matchup. Penn State is hosting Ohio State in State College, Pa. on Saturday night.

You can view the full projections here.